Yamaha QL5 64-Channel 34 Faders Digital Mixer

64-channel QL Series Digital Mixer with Virtual Circuitry Modeling Technology, Auto Mixing Functionality, Dante Network Support, and Remote Control via Tablet or Computer

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The acclaimed CL series raised live digital mixing console performance to an unprecedented level of refinement with evolved sound quality, operability, and functionality, while maintaining the traditional values that have made Yamaha digital mixers industry standards. Core features and performance inherited directly from the CL series, including natural sound supported by sonically superb internal processing capabilities, operation that easily adapts to the demands of just about any working environment, and built-in Dante networking that facilitates flexible system configuration, have now been condensed and concentrated into the compact QL series digital mixing consoles. QL series consoles offer all-in-one mixing, processing, and routing capability for small to medium scale live sound, corporate speech events, installations, and much more.

Yamaha QL5 Features

  • Mix channels: 64 mono, 8 stereo.
  • Busses: 16 mix, 8 matrix (Input to Matrix supported).
  • Local I/O: 32 in, 16 out.
  • Fader configuration: 32 + 2 (Master).
  • Stainless steel iPad support stays.
  • Premium internal processors simulate classic studio gear and more
  • Rupert Neve-designed EQ and dynamics for studio-quality sound
  • Automixing functionality via the Dan Dugan automatic mixer
  • Dante network support lets you create complex system designs
  • Remote control via tablet or computer lets you go deep into your mix
  • Tons of scene memory, customization options, and more

Straightforward “Touch and Turn” Operation

Touch and Turn operation, introduced in the CL series, has been enthusiastically adopted by sound engineers everywhere. The QL series offers the same operational advantage: touch the parameter you want to control on the screen, then rotate the Touch and Turn knob that is below and to the right of the screen to adjust as required. The color displayed below the knob changes to match that of the selected parameter, for quick confirmation and error-free control. It’s simple, responsive, and very intuitive.

Effect Rack

Up to eight of the 46 available ambience effects and 8 available insert effects can be mounted in the QL virtual rack. That selection includes a number of high-end Yamaha REV-X reverb processors for sophisticated sonic control. Any of the mounted effects can be individually switched to graphic EQ operation as required.

Comp 276: This model is a composite of several analog compressors that were popular in recording studios in the 70’s. Anyone who is familiar with the originals will recognize the characteristic punch and fatness this device delivers.

Open Deck: Here’s a unique effect that models both the analog circuitry of well-known professional tape decks plus the characteristics of the tape used with them. You can simply choose a deck that offers the sound you need, or combine different recording and playback decks for a range of useful variations.

Comp 260: The compressor/limiter modeled in this device was all the rage in the late 70’s, featuring solid-state RMS level detection circuitry and VCAs for level control. The sonic signature of this model is unmistakable.

EQ 601: For a sweet analog EQ sound, this model recreates a popular circuit topology from the 70’s.

GEQ Rack

The GEQ rack is ideal for inserting graphic EQ into the output and other busses. Up to eight 31-band graphic equalizers can be mounted, and any of those can be switched for use as dual 15-band “Flex15GEQ” equalizers that can control any 15 bands selected from the 31 bands available. With eight rack slots, that allows for a maximum of 16 simultaneous EQ processors. Dan Dugan Automixer units can be inserted in the input channels via the GEQ rack, providing up to 16 channels of automix for speech applications.

2-track/Multitrack Recording and Playback

Whether you want basic 2-track recording and playback, or full-blown multitrack recording and playback capability, the QL series consoles make it easy. There’s direct 2-track recording to standard USB flash drives, or serious multitrack recording to a DAW via Dante. Multitrack playback is handy for “virtual sound checks” when the musicians aren’t available, and 2-track playback is for background music, and sound effects.

Convenient 2-track Recording to USB Flash Drive

A standard USB flash drive plugged into the front-panel USB port serves as media for direct 2-track recording in mp3 format. There’s no need to carry external recording equipment around, and the recording can be handed to performers as soon as the show is finished, for example. Sound files in mp3, AAC, or WMA format saved on the flash drive from a computer or other source can be played back too, for convenient BGM or sound effects without the need for extra playback equipment.

Nuendo Live multi-track live recording software is bundled.

The QL series consoles even make live multitrack recording easy. With Dante Virtual Soundcard software it becomes possible to transfer audio directly to a Windows or Mac computer connected to the Dante network. With an appropriate DAW such as Steinberg Nuendo Live (bundled) running on the computer, up to 64 tracks can be recorded simultaneously. In addition to being the best way to create professional quality recordings of live performances, this capability is ideal for creating the tracks needed for virtual sound checks.

300 Scene Memories

Up to 300 complete console setups can be stored as “scenes” and instantly recalled whenever needed. Recall Safe, Focus, and Preview functions are also provided.

Versatile Input and Output Delays

Up to 1000 ms delay on input channels facilitates precise microphone phase compensation, while up to 1000 ms delay on the output ports is useful for speaker distance compensation and room tuning.

Ample EQ and Dynamics Processing

All channels feature 4-band parametric EQ and two dynamics processors (one dynamic processor on outputs). The processors include an HPF for every input, and one also functions as a highly effective de-esser with advanced processing algorithms that also offers a bandpass mode.

16 DCA Groups

16 DCA groups allow flexible grouping of multiple input channels for simultaneous control.

8 Mute Groups

Multiple channels can be assigned to any of 8 mute groups for instant muting or un-muting, with a new Dimmer Level function.

12 User Defined Keys

A large number of console functions including Sends on Fader, Tap Tempo, and Set by Sel can be assigned to 12 User Defined Keys for instant hands-on access.

Multiple User Key Sets

Limited access to CL console functions can be provided for less experienced operators and accident prevention via multiple User Key sets that can be stored in the console itself as well as on USB memory.

5-in/5-out GPI Interface

A 5-input/5-output GPI interface allows the CL consoles to respond to input from external switches, as well as to transmit on/off status to external devices.

Spesifikasi Sekilas

  • Type:Digital
  • Channels:64 mono, 8 stereo mixing channels
  • Inputs – Mic Preamps:32 x XLR
  • Phantom Power:32 channels
  • Outputs – Main:16 x XLR (Omni)
  • Inputs – Digital:2 x EtherCon Cat5 (Dante Primary, Secondary)
  • Outputs – Digital:1 x XLR (AES/EBU), 2 x EtherCon Cat5 (Dante Primary, Secondary)
  • Busses/Groups:16 x Bus
  • Channel Inserts:Yes
  • Talkback:Yes
  • MIDI I/O:In, Out
  • Data I/O:Ethernet
  • I/O Expansion Slots:2 x Slots (MY expansion)
  • Headphones:1 x 1/4″
  • Word Clock:In, Out
  • Faders:34 x 100mm Throw
  • EQ Bands:4-band Parametric
  • Effects:Yes
  • Height:10.7″
  • Depth:22.2″
  • Width:32.6″
  • Weight:48.1 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:QL5


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