TASCAM Mixcast 4 Digital Podcast Mixer with Bluetooth

8 Channel Digital Podcast Mixer with Four Microphone Inputs (TRS/XLR combo), 5″ FX Touch Panel, Editing Software Included

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Features at a glance

  • Production of podcasts with up to four people: 4 mic inputs with auto-mix, 4 headphones outputs
  • Invite guests and friends: Mix-Minus to include call-ins with echo-free audio via Bluetooth, USB input or 4-pole TRRS audio cable
  • Sound pads for instant sound triggering and effects
  • Easy and intuitive control using a 5-inch touchscreen
  • Fully compatible with the dedicated Tascam Podcast Editor software to cover the entire production workflow
  • Records up to 14 tracks directly to an SD card (12 channels + stereo mix)
  • Built-in USB audio interface with 14 inputs and two outputs
  • Nine language options including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean


  • Four mic inputs over balanced XLR/TRS combo jacks
  • Four headphones outputs with independent volume controls
  • Headset input/output via 3.5-mm TRRS mini-jack (mirrors the output of headphones output 1)
  • Stereo line input, selectable between dual balanced TRS jacks and a 3.5-mm TRRS jack
  • Balanced monitor outputs via dual TRS jacks
  • Stereo line output via 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack
  • Eight Sound Pad buttons
    • Use these to instantly play effect sounds, jingles, background music or other audio material
    • Eight sound banks available for up to 64 sounds in total
    • Quickly switch between the eight sound banks via the touchscreen
    • One bank of sounds included (can be set with Podcast Editor)
  • Eight large channel faders to mix the levels of
    • four mic signals
    • one stereo signal via USB
    • one stereo signal from a mobile device
    • one stereo signal via Bluetooth
    • the Sound Pad sounds
  • Mute and Solo buttons on each channel (sound pad channel: Solo only)
  • Talkback button for announcements to the podcast participants
  • Mark button to set marks for specific events or phases of the podcast during recording
  • Powered by low-noise DC 12 V (AC adapter with screw lock included as standard)

Software settings and processing

  • Mic channels:
    • Selection between Condenser (with 48 V phantom power) and Dynamic
    • Easy sound settings (Deep, Mid, Bright) or manual setting (two-band semi-parametric EQ), switchable on/off
    • Easy compressor settings (Soft, Hard) or manual setting with five parameters, switchable on/off
    • De-esser (three parameters) and noise supressor (five parameters)
    • Reverb (one mic channel only) with easy settings (Small, Medium, Large) or manual setting (five room types, three parameters), switchable on/off
  • USB, smartphone, Bluetooth stereo channels:
    • De-esser (three parameters) and noise supressor (five parameters)
    • Easy audio enhancement settings (Talk, Music, Off)
  • Feature to play back, check, rename or delete recorded audio files
  • Sound pads:
    • Select from six different methods of how sound pad sounds are played
    • Record sound pad sounds
  • Audio settings:
    • USB Mix-Minus on/off
    • Feedback prevention on/off
    • Line level output on/off
    • Solo mode pre/after fader
  • Display brightness, Auto power-off
  • Adjustable time delay for the USB output signal to compensate for any time delay between the unit’s audio and video signals played from a computer (0–2000 ms)
  • SD cards can be erased (quick or full erase) and used as a mass-storage device via USB
  • Bundled with dedicated TASCAM Podcast Editor application to cover the entire system workflow
    • Load audio files into Mixcast 4 to use them for the Sound Pads
    • Load recorded Podcasts from Mixcast 4 for editing and archiving
    • Record multiple audio tracks with your computer or mobile device

New features since firmware v1.20

  • A new Common Mode enables a mic input effect to be shared by multiple mic channels
  • Effects can now be turned on/off for individual mics on the home screen
  • The ducking effect can now also be used with pad playback sounds
  • The input level for the USB, smartphone and Bluetooth inputs can now be adjusted
  • Modified operation of the feedback prevention function
  • Switchable decibel scale for the level meters
  • Tapping on a channel on the main page calls up the corresponding settings page

New features since firmware version 1.30

  • Improvements for sound pads
    • Sound pad banks can now be changed and used during recording
    • The playback volume can now be adjusted for each sound pad separately
    • Sounds assigned to sound pads can now be normalised
    • The volume of the Bleep sound can now be adjusted
  • The talkback sound can now also be sent to USB, smartphone and Bluetooth connections



Recorder specifications
Recording mediaSD cards (64 MB – 2 GB)
SDHC cards (4–32 GB)
SDXC cards (48–512 GB)
Recording/playback formatWAV, 48 kHz, 24 bit, 2-channel stereo / 14-channel poly (BWF)
Approximate recording times with 16-GB SD card (in hours:minutes)
Stereo recording16:30
14-track recording2:20
Analogue audio inputs
Mic inputs 1-4XLR/TRS combo jacks
XLR-3-31 (1: GND, 2: HOT, 3: COLD)
6.3-mm standard TRS jacks (Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Sleeve: GND)
Maximum input level+10 dBu (when LEVEL at min.)
Nominal input level−10 dBu (when LEVEL at min.)
Minimum input level−76.5 dBu (when LEVEL at max.)
Gain range66.5 dB
Input impedance2.1 kΩ
Headset input (TRRS, CTIA standard)3.5-mm, 4-pole mini jack
Maximum input level+4 dBV (when LEVEL at min.)
Nominal input level−16 dBV (when LEVEL at min.)
Minimum input level−82.5 dBV (when LEVEL at max.)
Gain range66.5 dB
Input impedance2 kΩ
Line input (TRRS, CTIA standard)3.5-mm, 4-pole mini jack
Maximum input level+8 dBV
Nominal input level−12 dBV
Input impedance12 kΩ
Line inputs L/R (balanced)6.3-mm standard TRS jacks
(Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Sleeve: GND)
Maximum input level+24 dBu
Nominal input level+4 dBu
Input impedance11 kΩ
Analogue audio outputs
Phones outputs 1-46.3-mm standard stereo jacks
Maximum output power45 mW + 45 mW (0.1% THD+N or less, 32 Ω)
Working impedance16–600 Ω
Headset output (TRRS)3.5-mm, 4-pole mini jack
(signal mirrors Phones 1 output)
Line output (TRRS, CTIA standard)3.5-mm, 4-pole mini jack
Maximum output level−25 dBu
Nominal output level−45 dBu
Output impedance100 Ω
Monitor output L/R (balanced)6.3-mm standard TRS jacks
(Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Sleeve: GND)
Maximum output level+20 dBu
Nominal output level0 dBu
Output impedance200 Ω
Line output3.5-mm stereo mini jack
Maximum output level+6 dBV
Nominal output level−14 dBV
Output impedance200 Ω
USB port
ConnectorUSB Type-C
Transfer formatUSB 2.0 High Speed
Device classUSB Mass Storage Class
USB Audio Class 2.0
USB audioSampling rate: 48 kHz
Bit depth: 24 bit
Inputs: 14 channels (output from Mixcast 4)
Outputs: 2 channels (input to Mixcast 4)
Audio performance
Equivalent input noise, mic inputs≤−125 dBu (150 Ω termination, LEVEL at max.)
Frequency response (mic inputs 1–4)20 Hz – 20 kHz: ±0.3 dB (JEITA)
S/N ratio (mic inputs 1–4)101 dB (channel faders at 0, 20 kHz SPCL LPF, A-weighted)
Distortion (mic inputs 1–4)0.003 % (1 kHz sine wave, channel faders at 0, 20 kHz SPCL LPF)
Crosstalk≥95 dB
Note: Measurement conditions conform to JEITA CP-2905B.
Output classClass 2
(approx. 10 m* unobstructed transmission distance)
Supported profileA2DP
Supported A2DP codecsSBC, AAC
Supported A2DP content protectionSCMS-T
Computer hardware requirements
WindowsWindows computer with a USB port (2.0 or higher)
CPU/processor speed2 GHz or faster dual core processor (x86), operation using the Tascam driver with ARM64 CPUs not guaranteed
Memory2 GB or more
MacMac computer with a USB port (2.0 or higher)
CPU/processor speed2 GHz or faster dual core processor (operation confirmed with Intel and Apple Silicon M1 or M2)
Memory2 GB or more
Power supply and other specifications
Power supplyDedicated AC adapter (PS-P1220E NUT), DC 12 V
Power consumption12.5 W (maximum)
Weight2.55 kg
Permissible operating temperature range0–40 °C
Dimensions (W × H × D)375 mm × 57 mm × 264 mm (excluding protrusions)
375 mm × 71 mm × 267 mm (overall)

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