Behringer HA-40R 1×10-Inch 40-watt Combo Amp

40W, 2-ch Guitar Amplifier with VTC Tube Modeling, Reverb, and 10″ Bugera Speaker
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Let’s face it, lugging around your vintage stack isn’t always an ideal option for practice. With the Behringer HA-40R-UL 1 x 10-inch 40-watt Combo Amp, you get instant access to shockingly realistic tube tones in a lightweight, wallet-friendly package. The core of this amp’s sound rests in its VTC (Virtual Tube Circuit) technology, Behringer’s groundbreaking answer to reproducing the fat, saturated sound of a tube amp in a portable combo. Its two channels are switchable with a footswitch when plugged into the front-panel jack, and the highly musical 3-band EQ makes it easier than ever to dial in your favorite sounds. You can leave the pedals at home, too, with the built-in genuine spring reverb going from subtle reflections to spaced-out ambiance with the turn of a knob. Best of all, the HA-40R’s headphone jack lets you practice with cranked tones in peace, with an auxiliary input for jamming along with songs and a Line Out with cabinet simulation to capture excellent recordings. For high-quality sound and grab-and-go functionality, plug in to the Behringer HA-40R-UL 1 x 10-inch 40-watt Combo Amp.

Product Features

  • Powerful 40-Watt solid-state guitar amplifier, ideal for practice, gigs and home recording
  • 2 full-featured channels offering everything you need from sparkling cleans to super-fat high-gain overdrive
  • Revolutionary VTC (Virtual Tube Circuit) technology reproduces real tube-like tone, touch and feel
  • Powerful 3-band EQ with bass, middle and treble provides unbridled tone shaping for dialing in any sound you need
  • Clean channel with independent level control ranges from pristine sparkle to fat warmth, perfect for recapturing vintage tones, modern cleans or use as a pedal platform solution
  • Overdrive channel with independent gain and level controls ranges from vintage drive to modern high-gain saturation, ideal for lead, rock and metal tones
  • Footswitch input for remote channel switching during live performance
  • Real spring reverb with adjustable level control
  • Custom 10″ Bugera speaker with vintage voicing for classic sound reproduction
  • Headphone output with integrated speaker simulation for perfect practice sessions without disturbing the neighbors
  • Auxiliary input for music playback from external devices to jam along with your favorite music
  • Dedicated line out with integrated speaker simulation for connecting direct to a PA or recording interface
  • 8 Ohm speaker output for connecting to external guitar cabinets




Guitar input1/4″ TS jack
Impedance220 kΩ unbalanced
Aux input1/8″ TRS jack
Impedance24 kΩ unbalanced


Headphones1/8″ TRS jack
Impedance32 Ω unbalanced
Line out1/8″ TRS jack
Impedance1 kΩ balanced
Output1/4″ TS jack
Min impedance4 Ω


Peak power40 W


Type10″ Bugera
Impedance4 Ω

Power Supply

Power consumption80 W
100-120 V~, 50/60 HzT 1AL 250 V
220-230 V~, 50/60 HzT 500mAL 250 V
Mains connectionStandard IEC cable


Standard operating temperature0° C – 40° C (32° F – 104° F)
Dimensions (H x W x D)420 x 425 x 220 mm (16.5 x 16.7 x 8.7″)
Weight10 kg (22 lbs)

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